"One chance, one goal!"

Thank you to all of our supporters for making a difference in the world - in these children's lives!  They are growing and thriving and YOU, THE DONOR, made this happen!  Your donations have directly impacted the kids of Kibera.

Since our Global Giving fundraiser in March, one of our students, Yema, has graduated Suma Cum Laude from Dominican University in San Francisco, CA. He was also chosen as the undergraduate commencement speaker - his rousing speech accompanied by the cheers of all his friends and supporters - 'Yema Baby' being called out from all over the crowd.  Yema grew up in the slum of Kibera in Kenya, And when RFS met with him it was clear he had great potential. As with most students growing up in slums, RFS has learned that it is hard to study when you are hungry. And it is hard to pick up from a year or two out of school when it is time for your other siblings to be accorded a year of school - with only enough money for some in the family to attend school every year. As a result, Yema had middle to low grades in high school - but his dream of achieving a life of his own choosing through higher education was intact and strong.  Once he entered our program and was given an opportunity to learn, he excelled in college and became the first foreign student ambassador at the University, and was elected as the student Vice President.

We are so proud of the young man Yema has become, as he has made the most of this opportunity and not only made his dreams come true by excelling in his education, but also, is an inspiration to the other RFS students and to us all!

"No matter where you are from, your dreams are valid".  - Yema

Fifteen RFS students are attending a beautiful boarding school in Kenya where, with your donations, they receive medical care, a bed, three meals a day, clean water, safety from violence and rape, and an education.  With your help, we are now about to purchase new uniforms for each of the children.

You can help us to continue our mission to educate and empower children living in extreme poverty by not only continuing to donate to help us continue our progress, but also by spreading the word; please "like" us on facebook, sign up for our newsletter, forward this email to your friends and family to let them know what cause you are supporting.

To read the article about Yema and see the NBC local video, click here.