Ride for Freedom April 9th 2014

On April 9th 2014 we held our first fundraiser at SoulCycle in San Francisco where more than thirty riders showed up to support Road to Freedom Scholarships. SoulCycle generously offered to host our charity ride and their famed instructor, Ian, volunteered to coach the class and gave us all an unforgettable work-out experience, and helped raise money for school fees.

Greenlight Apparel and Reva Wear donated the fantastic Road to Freedom tshirts, while Peek Kids donated their canvas bags (everyone will be using them for their shopping), Juice Shop the amazing organic juices (so delicious), and the delightful savory food bars where donated by Slow Food for Fast Lives.

We wish to thank Tatum Getty, Gina Peterson and Kirsten Jackson for their incredible dedication and generous help in making this event so successful. We are so grateful to all of you who came and helped support the RFS kids. Thank you also for the generous donations from those of you who couldn't make it...