Road to Freedom Scholarships mission:  To educate and empower children living in extreme poverty.

Vision: Road to Freedom Scholarships supports and mentors girls from Kibera to gain self-confidence, self-worth and to learn to believe they have a right to and deserve an education. Through opportunity and access, we enable and encourage them to thrive when given the resources to do so.  This includes; 3x nutritious meals a day, clean water, living accommodations, safety, a uniform, hygiene products and a highly ranked educational boarding school. We believe they will succeed in life and become leaders of change in their communities.

RFS provides children with the right to an education and the right to knowledge.  This should be a basic human right, however education seems only to be offered to the privileged.  We are responsible in teaching these kids that it is their right to be educated and retain knowledge.  By providing kids from the slum with an education, we are providing empowerment.  Empowerment means they gain self-confidence and self-worth in order to achieve any goal in life. We empower them so they can become leaders as well as, an agent for change in their communities.   People with knowledge have the ability to think for themselves, to problem solve situations that are presented to them.  Changing kids lives is changing the future.  We are sending kids from the slum - to school where many problems are solved in one place, holistically.  They gain a family in each other, a bed, a uniform, medical care, 3x meals a day, clean water to drink, safety from sexual violence and assault, and an elite education!  By helping kids from the slum, they are able to break free of the cycle of being "stuck" in the slum.  This brings the power of helping a child, helps a community, helps the entire world!

"Some people look at the slum of Kibera in Kenya and see a huge unsolvable problem.  We see huge untapped potential!" - Connie Nielsen